The Porch

Claim Your Bold Identity
Many businesses outgrow their original branding and need to re-brand in order to represent who they are today and who they want to become. We helped The Porch step into their bold new identity to reflect a vibrant organization.

What They Needed: The Porch is a hub of local and regional creativity, but their brand and website was outdated + didn’t represent the organization they had become. It was time to create a visual identity that represented their vision and their vibrant community.

How We Helped: We created a brand identity full of quirk and color. With hand-drawn symbols + grunge textures, we were able to apply all this personality into a website that gave subtle nods to its deep roots in Nashville’s traditional publishing industry.

Cara Jackson

Developing a Personal Brand
It can be difficult for creative solopreneurs to try to capture themselves in a visual design. We helped Cara translate her personality into a brand identity that was classically Cara.

What They Needed: Cara needed a visual language to market herself as a creative business manager. It needed to be something that reflected her own personality and style and appealed to her target audience of creative entrepreneurs.

How We Helped: We created a brand identity and website that felt classic and eclectic, just like Cara. A custom set of black and white geometric patterns and a contemporary color palette helps to communicate exactly who Cara is and how fun it is to work with her.

The Lot

Elevated A Unique Offering
Your website shouldn’t take away from your unique products. It should elevate them. We helped The Lot create a one-of-a-kind website that uses products as part of their design.

What They Needed: Heavily inspired by vintage thrifting, Britt Forrister wanted her new business to look and feel bespoke + nostalgic. She wanted to build a brand that would showcase all the creative possibilities of the textile designers she represents.

How We Helped: We created an artful way for her to represent her hands-on approach to service through custom printed materials and a unique online presence. Hand drawn borders + a custom script wordmark were the perfect elements to complement the boutique fabrics.

White Sage Weddings & Events

Expansion-Ready Websites
When you are preparing for growth, you need a brand that conveys your value and connects with your audience as it evolves. We helped White Sage Weddings & Events refine the brand so that they were prepared for a new market.

What They Needed: Brooke Baker wanted a new website that would easily guide her new audience to the right location and that would add polish and refinement to her existing brand elements.

How We Helped: We mapped out a new site structure that helped differentiate her different markets, and built it with flexibility in mind so that she could scale her business well. We also expanded on White Sage’s existing brand elements by creating custom sage leaf illustrations and natural textures that set the site apart from its DIY predecessor.

Hudson Therapy

A Well-Balanced Brand
It can be hard to balance a unique personality with a professional practice. With Hudson Therapy, we brought together hopeful colors + organic shapes to appeal to their new audience.

What They Needed: Clients often come to us when they are about to take a step to grow or expand their business. This was the case for Hudson Therapy, who wanted a new brand identity that highlighted their approachable + family-oriented nature.

How We Helped: We worked with them to uncover their distinctive qualities + created ways to visually represent that thorough modern, playful visuals. While keeping things clean + minimal, we incorporated organic shapes to speak to the holistic nature of the therapist's work.

Pareto Realty

A Cut Above The Competition
A bold visual brand can separate you from the competition and elevate you in the marketplace. That's exactly how we helped Pareto Realty set themselves apart in the Nashville Realty scene.

What They Needed: After years in business, Pareto Realty needed a fresh face to better represent it in Nashville’s unprecedentedly hot real estate market. The owner, Barry Owen, wanted a new look + feel that spoke to his high-achieving team and their focus on growth and personal development.

How We Helped: Taking a cue from the company’s namesake (the Pareto Principle) we played off 80/20 proportions to create a custom wall of geometric patterns that added vibrant color + contrast, which set them apart in an otherwise crowded marketplace.